Amazing: Natti Natasha´s new video clip Amazing: Natti Natasha´s new video clip

Amazing: Natti Natasha´s new video clip

Check out Natti Natasha's laborious routines for preparing her new video clip. It will surely be a musical success.

Natti Natasha has become a benchmark for urban music, for its charisma, dedication and beauty, and has managed to significantly impact social networks, captivating millions of followers.

Searching a little more about this artist, we found on instagram a video where you can see part of the preparation of the video clip for her new musical single.

Natti looks amazing. Through the video you can see the artist practicing a choreography, in a warm environment, surrounded by nature, without a doubt the perfect place to let creativity flow.

The interpreter of the theme "Lovers of a night", published on her social networks a small preview of her new video clip, which she accompanied with a post where she invited her followers to guess who her next single would be.

This publication quickly became a trend among its fans, who did not hesitate to respond. Among the comments, the following stand out: Rosalía, Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Maluma and Becky G. Who will be the talent that will accompany Natti Natasha in this new adventure?

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