Amazing: You can't miss JLo enjoying a sunny day (+ Video)

The famous singer and actress has been trending on social media, after appearing in a short video wearing a scandalous outfit while enjoying a spectacular sunny day. You can't miss it.

Our beloved Jennifer Lopez was born in the beautiful city of New York in 1969, and from that moment she began to steal the attention and love of everyone who observed her. And how could she not? If it is all a beauty.

Today she is only 50 years old and has already become one of the most important Latin actresses in Hollywood. The famous JLo is also known for being an excellent pop music singer.

Without a doubt, the famous JLo loves to have fun and we can see this on her official Instagram profile, where she appears having fun with her children and fiancees while they make quite exciting games. Take a look.

On the other hand, in a video leaked by different social networks, we can see the famous singer and actress enjoying a sunny day while dancing an exotic song, and she was also wearing quite a daring outfit.

At that time Jennifer Lopez was wearing a beautiful but rather short white shorts and on her top she had nothing more and nothing less than the top of her swimsuit. Pure sensuality.

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