Amber Heard claims to have beaten Johnny Depp in self-defense: "I was afraid for my life"

With a marriage that lasted just over a year and a half, the famous Amber Heard surprises everyone with her beauty and incredible hitting strength.

Since 2018, the interpreter filed a divorce suit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, accusing him of exerting excessive force and psychological abuse towards him.

Also, Depp and Amber have been in an eternal battle to clarify the truth, since Deep in turn sued Heard for defamation and mistreatment.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

After their meeting in the High Court of London this Tuesday, July 21, 2020, Amber said that if she hit Johnny Depp, it was because she was afraid he would push his sister Whitney Heard up the stairs.

Due to her high consumption of alcohol and drugs, Johnny allegedly beat Amber several times. For her part, Depp has assured on several occasions that he has never beaten her and that he was only one more victim of her manipulations.

Amber Heard

A witness claimed to be present at an unfortunate and fearsome moment that occurred in March 2015, when the couple was arguing and Amber suddenly started beating the 57-year-old star.

Amber said in court that: "It was the first time that I faced him and I thought he was going to push my sister Whitney up the stairs".

She also mentioned, "And the moment it happened, I remembered information I had heard (that she) had pushed an ex-girlfriend, I think it was Kate Moss down the stairs".

Johnny Depp

She reaffirms that when that memory came to mind, she could only think that the same thing would happen to her sister and she was not going to allow it.

Depp's defense attorney, Eleonor Laws assured that: "Heard had never mentioned anything about the alleged incident of the stairs, nor in her old statements". For her part, Amber did not hesitate to defend herself and said: "I never changed my story, but it is true that I had never mentioned it"

Finally, Amber got tired of the mistreatment that her ex-husband gave her and the constant accusations of infidelity every time she worked on a new project, despite the fact that she had never been with anyone while she was married to the actor.

The trial ends next week, although, no immediate ruling is expected.