Amber Heard stated: "Johnny Depp threatened to kill me"

As reported on Monday by UK Media PA actress, Amber Heard gave strong statements in the trial against Johnny Deep. Declaring that her ex-husband repeatedly threatened to kill her, especially at the end of their relationship,

Since they divorced after only 15 months of being married, there have been many problems around this former partner. As she repeatedly accused him of being physically violent, something he denies and now the counterclaim for $ 50 million for defamation.

Amber Heard

This case started on July 7 at the London Courts of Justice. Deep denounces  Heard for defamation since her statements in a news magazine.

Heard commented that Johnny was very good at manipulating people, and this is credited to his third personality created by himself , who called "Monster". As she said "He was talking about it like it was some other person or personality and not him doing all of these things!".

According to Amber, he verbally and physically abused her, yelling at her, threatening her, insulting her, punching, slapping, kicking, hitting her head, and even suffocating her.

She alleged that: “Some incidents were so severe that I was afraid that she would kill me, either intentionally or simply for losing control and going too far. She explicitly threatened to kill me many times, especially in the last time of our relationship ”

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Even so, the actor continues to deny all the accusations, saying that they are all lies and that she has invented an abuse that never existed on her part.

In this regard, Depp's lawyer mentioned: “The plaintiff's position is clear: Ms. Heard's accusations are complete lies. The plaintiff was not violent towards Ms. Heard, it was she who was violent towards him ”.