Anonymous 2020: cyber attacks in Mexico

Since 2020 began, the world has turned into chaos. In the last days, Anonymous cyber attacks returned. First, the United States; now Mexico. All the details here.

During the early hours of June 1rst, Twitter users reported the hacking on the page of the Mexican National Technological Institute (TecNM, spanish initials) by the Anonymous organization.

In recent days, this group of hackers reappeared on the internet after a 3-year absence with a clear message after mass protests in the United States over the death of George Floyd.

Anonymous, the counterattack

First, 'Anonymous' hacked the Minnesota Police website, warning it would expose information from the police organization after Floyd's brutal murder and subsequent protests against abuse by the United States security forces.

'Anonymous' also revealed alleged secrets of President Donald Trump, who was accused of being involved in the death of Jeffrey Epstein, known as the 'sexual predator', to hide his alleged participation in a human trafficking network. Furthermore, they refer to the British crown darkness surrounding , such as the death of Princess Diana.

but it doesn't end there. Different Internet users claim the alleged hacking of the TecNM website. Using screenshots, they showed how they were trying to enter the page, and then the hacker organization logo appeared.

However, the hack has not been confirmed by official sources, nor does the Anonymous logo appear when entering the page, only a failure in the database connection, supposed to be consequence of these actions.

'Anonymous' Logo 

Nowadays, what an expectant world is awaiting is the list in which names appear that would be related to the pedophile network coordinated by Jeffrey Epstein, which threaten US president  and many white house members.

There they appear important celebrities, like the popular presenter of the chain BBC, Chris Evans, or the deceased singer Michael Jackson. Undoubtedly, we have to wait how the 'Anonymous' offensive against the United States government will continue, but nothing seems to be going well.

The White House turned off its lights, after disturbances in the surroundings.

The death of George Floyd and these 'Anonymous' announcements have US citizens focused on his current president, Donald Trump, who said he will include anti-fascist organizations on the list of possible terrorists.

Guverment solution is to respond with more violence, congratulate the police for their actions against the 46-year-old African American dead and hide, instead of supporting their people.

How long can this social situation last without exploding?

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