Anuel AA: Announcing featuring with Daddy Yankee and Kendo Kaponi

Undoubtedly Anuel AA is one of the artists of the moment, since he has a great influence in the world of reggaetón, and has not stopped growing. Despite the fact that he has given something to talk about and now with this musical trio, he ensures a resounding success.

Daddy Yankee is one of the most important representations of the genre and it is not surprising, since he himself says that he always had the vision of success, so much so that he proclaimed himself the "boss" and certainly did not fail.

Anuel AA and Daddy Yankee

On the other hand, Kendo Kaponi is not one of the public's favorites for different reasons, but it cannot be denied that he has a great talent that will probably be exposed in this musical trio.

Those responsible for making this announcement were Anuel and Kendo through their social networks and you can see the joy they both have in surrounding themselves with the Big Boss. On Instagram, Anuel published the following message: "The real street dream. The champion goes up to the ring with a flat!"

The image already has more than a million likes and many comments of emotion: "A lot of quality in a photo", "The untouchables", "What is coming is candle, do not panic" and "Something is coming that will change the world"

Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee and Kendo Kaponi

While Kaponi commented: "Since I came out the fans have asked me for war, but that gave them my whole career. Now? No ... I am to make music, there is no other way to measure myself that is not surpassing my music"