Ariana Grande's secret to her porcelain skin

The American singer and model Ariana Grande has revealed part of her beauty secrets, and one of them is how to have her porcelain skin.

Ariana Grande is one of the icons of world pop music. At just 27 years old, she is a young woman of Latin origin who has managed to impose her style and set a trend that millions of fans follow.

From her characteristic "ponytail", which went on to become a trademark, to her famous "cat's eyes", Ariana Grande, whether she likes it or not, is one of the most stylish singers there is today.

But this one that also Ariana Grande stands out for its perfect porcelain skin, in which, with or without makeup, you can not see any type of flaw and makes her look incredible.

Ariana Grande's secret to her porcelain skin

By the way, her favorite daily make-up look is nothing more and nothing less than "smokey eyes", a classic of modern makeup.

"Smooky eyes with brown eyeshadow and nude lipstick. I always wear this, even without even my eyeliner cat eye. Lately I've been using smooky more than liner", Ariana said in an interview a few years ago.

And now what we have been waiting for so long: How can we have perfect skin? Well, very simple: Daily night exfoliation. "I always exfoliate my face before bed," says the model.