At last! Look at the unknown wife of Robert Downey Jr. You won't believe who she is!

Iron Man performer finally let the media get to know his wife

By  Right Now Newsroom

Robert Downey Jr. has a personality that everyone loves. His humor is a sample of the intelligence that characterizes the vast majority of his interpretations. From Iron Man to Sherlock Holmes, the actor has shown great gifts of humor.

But he is an actor with a broader career than many can remember. We have seen him in roles like "The Violinist" where he plays a passionate journalist or his latest character "Dr. Do Little ”.

The remastering of this latest film has been affected by the expansion of a global health situation, but even so, the actor has not stopped promoting on his social networks, showing unpublished scenes and posters of the film.

He has also used the time at home to remember good times and show a photo where he is happy with his wife. Who until now was a total unknown but with whom she maintains an unbeatable relationship.

Susan Downey is the name of the wife of this charismatic actor, who has sometimes commented that she is happily married. Their marriage was consummated in 2005.

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