Baking at home: Learn to make good and crispy Maria cookies

Maria cookies are the delicious and crisp traditional cookies that have accompanied the snacks of millions of people in much of the world. Despite the change of generations, its flavor and texture are so exquisite that its original recipe continues in the last 150 years.

We know that you cannot resist the delicious flavor of a maría cookie, especially if you accompany it with a cup of coffee. In these times of voluntary isolation, it is appropriate to learn how to cook them from the comfort of your home.


Baking at home: Learn to make good and crispy Maria cookies

Mix the yeast with the flour and then sift to reserve. Besides, we incorporate the butter with the white and brown sugar and unify well. Next, we incorporate the beaten eggs and then the flour that we reserve together with a splash of milk.

The objective is to achieve a homogeneous paste, but without overdoing it with the kneading. The dough must be compact, it will be enough that it does not stick to the hands when taking it. If it is very dry, add a little more milk and mix again. Otherwise we add more flour.

Baking at home: Learn to make good and crispy Maria cookies

It was time to roll out the dough. To do this, flour the surface on which you are going to work it. We proceed to make a thin sheet with a thickness less than half a centimeter. Place the dough on plates and reserve in the fridge for 4 or 5 hours so that they harden and are manageable.

After time we remove the plates from the fridge and with the help of a mold or any cutting tool, we make cookies with the typical round shape. Next we cover a tray with kitchen paper, place the cookies on it and place it in the oven at 160 ° C for 12 to 15 minutes.

The baking time will depend on the thickness of the cookies and the size of the oven. We must be very attentive to the baking, because it is very easy for them to burn due to the type of dough used for these cookies. After time, turn off the oven and leave them inside for 5 more minutes, then remove and let them cool before eating these delicious and traditional cookies.