Beauty secret: Learn how to remove gel polish in 3 steps

Confinement has reduced visits to the beauty salon, so apply this simple technique to continue wearing a perfect manicure

Gel nails are the best option to show off a perfect manicure every day. These prostheses created from an acrylic gel molded on the natural nail can last around two months, but you must go to the beauty center every three weeks for maintenance.

Like the classic porcelain nails, these gel prostheses usually deteriorate after their useful life. If you decide to remove them, you must be careful with the technique to use so as not to damage the natural nail or the skin that surrounds it.

A safe way to remove the permanent gel polish consists of three simple steps and for this you must have a file, acetone, aluminum foil and a cuticle remover.

Start by carefully filing off the top coat of enamel. You will have to remove all the gloss layer that serves as a manicure protector to remove the prosthesis.

Beauty secret: Learn how to remove gel polish in 3 steps

After the first step, apply acetone to a cotton ball and cover the nail with it to soften the gel. For a better effect, cover the nail with aluminum foil to prevent air from entering and let it rest for 30 minutes.

Once the gel has softened, remove it with the help of a cuticle remover, do it very carefully so as not to damage the nail. If you want, apply a little petroleum jelly to facilitate the work and hydrate the surface of the nail.