Belinda criticizes artists who publish "superficial content" on networks

Mexican singer Belinda has come out to criticize other artists who in her opinion publish "superficial content" on social networks.

Belinda doesn't like artists who post only "shallow content" on social media and invited her to do "more creative" things.

For the actress, what can be seen today in social networks is not quality content, and does not convey feelings at all, only superficial topics.

Belinda criticizes artists who publish "superficial content" on networks

“I would love to see more less superficial content (...) I feel that we should do things that are not so superficial in general, we have to transmit feelings, move something in other people because that is what talent is, having a voice and having a audience so you can broadcast something that transcends", she said.

For Belinda, what artists should do is show their true talents on social networks, and not just their bodies or content that leaves nothing behind.

"Get to compose a song, write a script and act it out in the moment, creative things", she demanded.

In addition, Belinda claims that she would like to be remembered in the future for her "good deeds" or for what she has to contribute.

"I would like to be remembered for my good actions, for my good advice, for the good things I have to contribute, for the changes, for taking risks, for losing the fear of fear", she added.