Bella Thorne paralyzes Mexican beach with her luxurious swimsuits

Bella Thorne was photographed by paparazzi on board a yacht in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The former Disney girl, Bella Thorne, took advantage of the progressive lifting of confinement in the Northern Hemisphere to escape to Mexico with her Italian boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo.

The actress was seen earlier this week in Cabo San Lucas, on the Baja California peninsula, where she wore several swimsuits of distinguished brands, revealing the contours of her body.

Bella Thorne was photographed aboard a yacht by paparazzi who repeatedly captured her image, while enjoying the sun bathing the coast at this time of year in the Mexican Northwest.

The actress was photographed wearing a Dior brand swimsuit. She was also later seen wearing a Louis Vuitton swimsuit.

At the beginning of the month, Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo reunited after 5 months apart due to confinement due to the health crisis. Due to the restrictions, both met in Mexico since the arrival of Italian citizens to the United States is not allowed, and vice versa.