Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez tell why they broke up

Of the two Oscars he won, none have been for acting. The first was in 1998 for the script for The Indomitable Will Hunting. The second, in 2013, by the management of Argo. And some suggest that he deserves a third party for his relationship with JLo.

Benjamin Affleck, artistically known as Ben Affleck, is an American actor, screenwriter, of 47 years old. He started out in the movies with the Kevin Smith movie like 'Chasing Amy' and 'Dogma'.

A few years ago Ben and Jennifer López were in a romantic relationship, becoming one of the most followed couples by the media and their followers who created a fusion between their names ‘Bennifer’.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

In 2004 they decided to end their relationship in a public way, which even for them was something hard to face. 16 years later, the reasons why they ended are discovered.

In an interview conducted for ‘Vanity Fair’, JLo said that the trigger for the separation between them was the resounding failure of the ‘Gigli’ movie they starred in together, which made her feel bad about herself.

They did not know how to separate the professional life from the personal one and it brought conflicts. "I lost my sense of myself, I wondered if I belonged to this business, I thought it sucked at everything," Jennifer said.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Likewise, Affleck also said he felt unsuccessful, for not knowing how to deal with the constant harassment he got from the press, helping this to make everything worse between them.

"When Jennifer and I finished it, I chained three or four movies that were an absolute failure and hit rock bottom. The perception that people had of me was that of a man without talent and failing, ”he added.

Lastly, he assured, "It was horrible, I have never had a lower moment in my career" . But without a doubt, there is no resentment among them. Currently, Jennifer Lopez is committed to former baseball player Alex Rodríguez.

And the handsome Batman is dating the interpreter Ana de Armas and they are doing very well. Ben certainly looks very happy and calm with his current life.

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