Ben Affleck left rehab and looks more handsome than ever

From actor to film producer, the second film directed by him was awarded an Oscar for best film and two Golden Globes.

Actor and producer Ben Affleck has in recent years been embroiled in a series of criticism and attacks by the media and fans, due to his deteriorating health from alcoholism.

Throughout his career he has achieved great success as an actor and even as a film producer, his second production was worthy of the Oscar Award for best film.

Ben Affleck: "Before"

However, not everything has been rosy for him since, for a long time he suffers from alcoholism and has had to be admitted a couple of times in a rehabilitation clinic.

In 2001 it was announced that the actor had been hospitalized for a couple of months, he recovered recovered ready to continue working, but between 2015 and 2016 the Batman interpreter had relapsed due to various personal problems.

Ben Affleck: "Now"

His physical health condition had been damaged due to his high alcohol consumption and in 2019 he returned to hospital. After a few months he came out as a new man, there was not even the shadow of that overweight Ben who looked all neglected and had his fans worried.

Currently, it has been possible to keep sober and in a healthier physical state. You can see him slim and toned in his abdomen. He is also in a relationship of more than 4 months with his colleague Ana de Armas.