Benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach

The simple habit of drinking water can have enormous health benefits and best of all, it won't cost you a thing.

Our body is 70% water. Necessary for digestion, regulating body temperature, transporting vitamins and mineral salts, and eliminating toxins and organic waste, water is the most widely drunk drink in the world.

Drinking water throughout the day is a healthy habit. There are those who drink water before each meal to facilitate digestion. Others choose to hydrate before showering to improve blood pressure. There are also those who are used to having a glass of water before going to sleep to prevent heart attacks.

Have you ever wondered what happens in your body when you drink water on an empty stomach?
Specialists recommend drinking 2 glasses of water with an empty belly to provide the energy that the body needs. While sleeping the body can lose 0.5 kg with breathing.

Moisturizes the skin

Drinking water on an empty stomach is essential for hydrating the skin and lubricating the muscles and joints. So this simple habit will help maintain its elasticity.

Specialists recommend drinking 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach

Improves the kidney system

Surely you have heard that water is the best ally to avoid the formation of stones in the kidney, and there is nothing more certain. Drinking water contributes to the proper functioning of the kidney system, helping to eliminate toxins through the urine.

Facilitates digestion

Drinking water is associated with better digestion, since it transports nutrients so that they are absorbed by the blood and reach the cells, and it is also an excellent remedy for detoxifying the intestine.