Benefits of eating one beet a day

For sure, you were told  that beets are good for health on more than one occasion. When you read this note you will confirm that what you heard is true.

With fine skin and purple color, this native vegetable of Mediterranean Europe has been eaten since prehistoric times. In juices, salads, desserts, cooked or raw, we have all tasted the particular sweet and earthy flavor of beets on occasion.

This vegetable, which has doubled as tincture, is an incredible source of nutrients. Beets have a high amount of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C, in addition to having large amounts of iron, iodine and phosphorus.

Cancer prevention
Various studies have validated the benefits of your daily intake. Eating beets inhibits the development of some types of cancer thanks to betanin, a pigment responsible for its color and a flavonoid considered a powerful anticancer agent.

Beetroot is rich in vitamin C, iron and folic acid

Hypertension control
A study published in the American medical journal Hypertension showed that people who consume beet juice register a decrease in blood pressure during the 24 hours following ingestion similar to those who consume nitrate tablets.

Beetroot is rich in vitamin C, iron and folic acid, which makes it an excellent ally for treating anemia, nutrients that promote the production of red blood cells. Eating it is recommended in case of pregnant women or with heavy menstruation.

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