Better than Natti Natasha! JLo surprises his fans with this dance. How does she do it?

The Bronx diva surprised us with her hip movements

By  Right Now Newsroom

Singer Jennifer Lopez is one of the most coveted women of the moment because despite being 50 years old, the Bronx diva remains like a fifteen-year-old, so her curves drive us crazy.

Beyond her beautiful physique, the artist has made us fall in love with her successes as each of them has left us a positive or controversial message such as "The Ring".

This time, we have found a video that has surprised us because we can clearly see that the singer JLo is in front of a table dancing non-stop.

The surprising thing about this audiovisual material is the movement of the hips of the beloved JLo because it undoubtedly moves them better than Shakira according to hundreds of fans. Is this true?

What is certain is that JLo left us in love and as she knows that it is news, she did not hesitate to share her well executed and thought video with everyone.

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