Beyonce's humanitarian work will be recognized at the BET Awards

The singer has dedicated herself to doing ant work around the world with initiatives that stand up when many others turn their backs.

The transmission of the BET awards is scheduled for this Sunday, June 28. There, in addition to the program that had already been announced, they will integrate three celebrities who will be honored for their spirit and what they have represented to the world.

Beyonce's humanitarian work will be recognized at the BET Awards

Among them is Beyonce, who along with the memory of Kobe Bryant and Little Richard, will receive a tribute for their humanitarian work and help the less fortunate.

The work carried out by “Queen B” through her organization BeyGood has earned her to be considered as a great contributor to humanitarian causes and thus receive the tribute prepared by the BET awards.

"Formation Scholars" is part of this world of "Queen B" in which it seeks to help young people and women to pursue higher education and thus encourage them to build a future in their lives. The initiative has the participation of 4 universities.

On the other hand, Beyonce has created and launched her “Beygood4Burundi” project in partnership with Unicef, whose purpose is to bring clean and drinkable water to the smallest town in Burundi, in Africa.

Beyonce created the “Homecoming Scholars” awards program, also with the idea of ensuring that those who have just left high school can continue their studies and offer them opportunities in that academic environment.

The last initiative of the successful singer together with her mother, Mrs. Tina Knowles Lawson, was generated as a result of the world health crisis with "I Did My Part". The latter cause seeks to conduct rapid tests to rule out whether people in Houston, Texas have the disease that is wreaking havoc worldwide.

However, Beyonce's actions do not end there. It has announced the creation of the "Black Business Fund" that seeks to support small businesses with the administration of the National Urban League.

So the singer has been busy not only with her music, but working so that people can have better training opportunities and help socially disadvantaged people.