Billie Eilish surprises her fans with a twin sister

In the last hours, a video of the singer Billie Eilish went viral, but it was not Billie Eilish. But how? It seems that the artist has a twin sister and the similarities between the two are impressive.

From the last years, the young Billie Eilish is one of the revolutionary and most famous pop singers of the genre. Despite criticism for her growth, some song lyrics, and her outrageous video clips, the 18-year-old comes out ahead.

Again it was news in the latest when telling how the actions of haters on social networks almost ended her life, but all this came to the background when the following video was viralized. Since when does she have a twin sister?

Surely, many times you have asked yourself in front of the mirror if you look like any celebrity, model, actress, singer; maybe even some friend will tell you that you resemble someone famous. In this case, this girl was compared to Billie Eilish many times.

This young woman is not the only one. Since the launch of the TikTok app, posts have been disseminated where fans act and show themselves as their favorite artists. Another clear example is Selena Gómez: Sofía Solares became famous on Instagram for her great resemblance to Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend and she even confessed to being a Gómez fan.

On the other hand, Claudia Alende is a Brazilian model who became very famous for her great resemblance to Megan Fox, whom, she claimed, she greatly admires. Here makeup and aesthetic interventions contribute to the great similarities between the Brazilian and the American.

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