“Black Lives Matter” : Usher lectures on history through the Washington Post

The singer detailed in his writing part of the history of the freedom of the black race that they still keep subdued, despite the events of 1865, in which slavery was abolished on paper, in the United States.

After the crime committed against George Floyd, the world has convulsed and especially the Americans, who have remained active in fighting against racism, discrimination and hate crimes due to skin color.

Racial injustices remain a common situation in the United States.

However, that has not stopped violent actions against people of color. That is why celebrities and people in general continue to fight and make their voices heard.

Floyd must be proud wherever he is. His tragic death was the action to awaken not only an entire race, but the people who know that there are no differences between blacks and whites. We should all feel shame that the death of a human being has awakened the struggle of a people.

Singer and actor Usher published a writing in the Washington Post that coincided with the “Juneteenth”, a celebration that marks the abolition of slavery for black Americans.

In his written speech, the singer mentions the importance of this date, June 19, for people of color, which should represent a national holiday and not just the celebration of black people.

He also explained the origins of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. He spoke about slavery and the horrors that ensued and how people of color have overcome each year, each decade, and five years with "the resistance of our people."

On June 19, 1865, Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas, carrying with them the most important news of the entire war, the Emancipation Proclamation, granting immediate freedom to all slaves throughout the territory.

Regarding this, Usher stated: "It should be a national holiday (...) observed by all Americans".

To conclude, the singer pointed out:

"As we celebrate today, let's remain open to the possibility. Let's support black-owned businesses today and every day. Let's improve our resilient history. Let's honor our people. Happy June 19th, United States".

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