BlackPink: This iconic K-pop group performs live

The thousands of followers of this famous musical group have viralized an iconic video where they appear performing one of their best live music tracks.

BlackPink is an incredible musical group made up of 4 beautiful young people, who have such a wonderful voice that they manage to give a completely unique touch to their musical songs.

BlackPink: This iconic K-pop group performs live

This musical group was born in South Korea, after signing a contract with YG Entertainment in 2016, at which time some of the members were 19 years old, and quickly rose to fame.

BlackPink is made up of Lisa, 23, Jennie, 24, Rosé, 23, and Jisoo, 25. They all sing since they were extremely young.

You can see it when you see the great talent that overflow in this short video clip where they appear playing one of their greatest musical successes in an important celebration held a few years ago.

As we can see, they not only sing in an angelic way, they also rap. Like all professionals, leaving everyone who watches them speechless. They are all a K-pop star.