Boring? Download one of these 5 applications and learn languages from your home

The current context is the right moment, without a doubt, to learn a language from the comfort of your home. Here we show you which are the 5 best applications accessible to your mobile device. Do not miss it!

By  Right Now Newsroom

While many choose to watch series and movies to make the current situation more bearable, others ask how they can learn something new at home.

Some prefer to play sports, cook new succulent, sweet or savory dishes, and others make crafts, even with the little ones. But there are also those who have chosen to study and nothing better than languages.

There is a large selection of mobile applications for learning languages. Each of them has a series of functions and characteristics. Duolingo is the first and most recommended of this TOP 5: it is a free application and ideal for all ages and for those who want to learn in a pleasant way. The lessons are short and focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening.

On the other hand, there is Mondly, a totally free application that offers daily lessons in up to 30 different languages. It offers a number of very interesting benefits and features, such as the voice recognition system. With these functions, at the end of each course we will be able to master a vocabulary of 5,000 useful words and phrases.

Mobile applications to learn languages.

Third, Babbel is one of the best applications for learning languages around the world, ideal to start learning a language from scratch. Grammar and vocabulary are its fundamental aspects.

Here, you will work a lot on the actual conversations, sayings, songs and exercises. Of course, it is a paid application, although the first lesson of each course is free.

There is also Busuu, which will allow you to learn up to 12 languages. It has a personalized study plan and fully adapted to our schedules and knowledge. It works very well on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, as it has the help of a community of native speakers.

Students can register for free or purchase a Premium subscription to have access to a greater number of functionalities. Among the latter we have more grammar lessons, offline mode, language certificates or personalized vocabulary exercises.

Finally, you can download Beelinguapp, it is an application that allows us to learn more than 13 languages in a very original way. The learning method is through reading and listening to literary works, which are translated simultaneously as they are played. As we listen to the story, the application highlights the text we are listening to so that we can become familiar with the written form and pronunciation.

We can also change the speed of reading the voice as we progress in learning. In addition, Beelinguapp has a news section and another to read and listen to songs.

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