Burned iron: Learn how to clean it with these infallible methods and leave it as new

Burning the iron is somewhat more common than it seems, but this does not mean you have to get rid of it prematurely. Try these tips that we propose, you will see how easy it is to clean the base of an iron and leave it as new.

The iron is one of the most widely used household appliances, but like the fridge or kitchen they need some level of maintenance. And the problem with this is that there comes a time when you inadvertently ruin your clothes by ironing them for not having removed that dark and sticky surface that has impregnated the underside of the iron.

Clean your burned iron with these homemade tips...

Reason why we share some tips to clean an iron quickly and leave it as new.

1.- With toothpaste

To start applying this method, just place a little of the toothpaste on the base of the iron. Then distribute the toothpaste over the entire surface with the help of a cloth or sponge.

Subsequently, turn on the iron and enable the vaporizer and run it over any damp cloth you can use, this process takes at least 5 minutes and that's it! You will see that the base is shiny and completely new.

2.- With salt

Salt is one of the cheapest ways used to clean your iron, for this you have to place a certain amount of coarse salt on a cloth that you do not mind getting dirty. Then, turn the iron on until it's completely hot and run it over the salt, then pretend you're ironing a blouse or other clothes and voila!

Perform this procedure until burns at the base of the iron disappear. To finish the process, unplug it and wait for it to cool down. Once it is cold, it will laugh at the remains of salt with a previously moistened cloth.

3.- With bicarbonate

Baking soda is considered a powerful bleaching ingredient for laundry washing and this time it will be applied to quickly and effectively whiten the burned iron, but how can you do it? You only have to apply the preparation on the stains of the turned off iron and rub with a damp cloth until removing and removing burns from the base of the iron.

Clean your burned iron with these homemade tips...

4.- Use vinegar and leave your new iron

Vinegar is a great natural ally for bleaches and this time it will not be the exception to recover the state of your burned iron. But how to do it? Heat a little vinegar, then wipe with a cloth or sponge and spread the vinegar over the entire surface and remove the burned stains, try to do it gently so as not to cause damage to the base.

5.- With a candle

The candle is not used to place on a birthday cake or to light up any dark place, it also has another very important function inside the home such as cleaning your iron. To do this, turn on the iron and wait for it to heat up and pass the candle over the base. You will see how it will quickly melt over the entire surface.

Then unplug the iron and let it cool for a few minutes. After time, carefully remove the paraffin or wax with a cloth.

6.- In case your iron is Teflon or non-stick, I suggest you remove the stains with your laundry detergent or soap. To do this you have to heat half a cup of water and add three drops of soap, it can be liquid or powder. Dampen the cloth with this liquid and clean the iron. Repeat this procedure over and over until the stains are removed.