Can not be! Daddy Yankee's wife dances with Natti Natasha Who dances better?

This video is the most controversial of the moment

By  Right Now Newsroom

The artists Natti Natasha is undoubtedly a great singer who has made herself known on the big screen and on different radio stations because her songs are the most listened to. She is a complete success!

Natti Natasha

Apart from the aforementioned, we must highlight that on several occasions Natti Natasha has been related to the singer Daddy Yankee What madness! This is because on several occasions he has been observed alone.

And recently we have viewed a video that has impressed us a lot because in it we can detail that the two loves of Daddy Yankee are dancing. Who dances better?

This simple video has generated a lot of comments, both from the media and from their fans. Everyone has been surprised!

Among the comments from fans we highlight: "I fell in love with the two lucky Daddy Yankee, two beautiful women by his side I would be very happy"

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