Can not be! Look at the photo of Megan Fox that surprised all her fans

Photo of Megan Fox posing in a very peculiar way is filtered

By  Right Now Newsroom

Megan Fox is a beautiful Hollywood actress and model who, thanks to her great talent and sympathy, has managed to be recognized as one of the most talented actresses today.

His recognition is not only due to the saga of transformer movies, as he also participated in great films such as: "The Ninja Turtles", "Diabolica tentacion" and "If it were easy".

A curious fact about this beautiful actress is that she is a fan of video games and comics, she even has a collection of Batman sketches drawn by Michael Turner.

On the social network Instagram, a photograph has become popular where you can see this beautiful actress posing in a black dress, and showing one of her most outstanding tattoos.

This snapshot undoubtedly surprised her fans, since it is one of the few times that she reveals the tattoo in this particular way, also showing her beautiful figure.

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