Cardi B wore a very tiny bikini that does not leave much to the imagination

Cardi B has always been a topic of conversation and she gives the press a lot of work, as she always gives something to talk about, whether it is because of her personality, her luxurious parties or because of the “little” details that her little daughter always gives her. This time she surprised her followers by modeling a bikini.

Recently the rapper left her fans speechless when she posted a photo on her Instagram wearing a very small animal print swimsuit, her extra long nails and heels, next to her incredible pool.

Cardi B

At the foot of the image I put: "It's all about the shoes for me", hinting that it was what I wanted to highlight, but clearly the attention was diverted to his great physical figure.

As expected, the publication went viral quickly, since it already has more than four million likes and has received many very flattering comments such as: “The whole photo is only for me” and “The leopard print always looks so well! No one does it better! ”

In addition, you can see well the tattoo that has her left leg up to the part of her back, which according to her, took months to complete and more than 60 hours to complete.

Cardi B

Let's remember that a few months ago Cardi uploaded a photo wearing a black bikini and her super expensive heels. It is evident that she is a lover of bathing suits, shoes and tattoos, and does not hide it.