Challenge: Learn how to open a can only with your hands

There are moments of life or death, where you depend on your own ability to survive setbacks.

When you are traveling or expedition to the countryside or mountains, it may happen that you encounter the problem of having forgotten your can opener or some tool that serves to uncover that canned product that you have brought to eat.

Not all cans have the easy-open ring, so anyone can have the problem of not having to open a can and not having an opener.

Challenge: Open a can only with your hands

There are many tutorials on the web that talk about opening cans with various tools such as the famous trick with the spoon. The truth is that few are as useful and surprising as the guide published by YouTube user "The Crazy Russian Hacker" to open cans with your hands.

How easy is it? Like everything, it has its technique. It consists of rubbing the can on its hollow side where you would normally open it, against a stone or concrete. You turn the can and press with your fingers, the lid gives way and it will come out, so you must protect your eyes.

This life instructions can be useful in less expected situations and can represent the difference between being able or not being able to feed oneself in extreme cases. Never underestimate such an elementary tip.

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