Charlize Theron confessed to being jealous of this director

The latest revelations of the beautiful actress and model Charlize Theron, gave much to talk about.

Recently one of the most important events in cinema was held, which is the Comic-con, although it had been canceled by the pandemic that plagues the world, the event was a success, because it could be celebrated by first time the "Comic-Con @ Home 2020" online.

Charlize Theron

Various well-known actors participated in this event who were able to give great revelations, one of them was the star of ‘The Old Guard’’, the interpreter Charlize Theron, gave some details of her female heroine.

Let's remember that Charlize, for more than a decade, has gotten into the skins of the heroines of the cinema over the years. When asked about the interpretations of these warrior characters, she replied that she saw these roles as an opportunity to represent the female force in theaters.

"There was always a part of me as an actor who was so incredibly jealous of people like Jack Nicholson and Robert DeNiro that they were able to play all these really screwed up people. And the women were really able to explore that"

Theron's simplest explanation for this is, for the fear in Hollywood of placing a heroine and that she is not capable of shining.