Chef's Tip: Look at the right way to reheat coffee so it looks fresh

Coffee became the second most drunk drink in the world. Some studies indicate that around 2 million cups are ingested every day.

Coffee is the favorite drink of many people. It comes from the plant called ‘coffee tree’ from which its fruits are taken to be roasted and ground, making it possible to market it for consumption.

This dark drink is beneficial for health, it helps to burn fat due to the caffeine that is usually present in most food supplements intended to lose weight. However, its most widespread use is to combat morning fatigue.

Reheat coffee decreases its pH, and can cause gastrointestinal irritations.

It contains nutrients such as vitamins B2 and B5, manganese, potassium, niacin, magnesium and is an antioxidant. Without a doubt, everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee alone or with good company.

Many experts say that it is not advisable to drink coffee that has a couple of hours done, because overheating can cause its physical characteristics to change.

We will tell you how to reheat this drink in the best possible way to preserve the greatest flavor of the original coffee. Never heat your coffee in the microwave, as coffee experts say that reheating coffee in this way causes it to lose all aromas and nuances.

Chef's Tip: Look at the right way to reheat coffee so it looks fresh

The best option to reheat your coffee is to place it in a pot over low heat, so that it slowly reaches the desired temperature. In this way you will avoid burning and completely change its flavor.

A coffee expert, Kim Ossenblok, author of the book 'To the Grain'. He assures that it is never good to reheat the coffee, however, he says that if they are going to do it, it is not directly, that you can add a little hot milk or water.

He recommends that they learn to make only the amount that they are going to take, so they will not commit the aberration of reheating this delicious drink. When consumed in this way, the pH of the coffee decreases, and can cause gastrointestinal irritations.

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