Chef's recipe: Make a dessert with only 1 ingredient and without sugar

Once again we have brought you an exquisite dessert, which does not need many ingredients, but best of all, it is very simple and fast.

Next, we will tell you the recipe for a 100% natural and highly nutritious dessert, which does not need sugar, cream, gelatin, or oven. Begins to take note.

Exquisite mango dessert

As we have previously mentioned, at this time we will only need a single ingredient, mango. With this exquisite fruit we will make a delicious dessert which you can taste both in its solid and liquid state.

How to make it:
Before starting you must choose the type of mango that you like the most. Then you must wash and disinfect it in order to eliminate all kinds of impurities. When finished, start cutting it into small pieces, then store them in the freezer for an hour in ziploc bags or whatever you have.

Exquisite mango dessert

After time, take the bags out of the freezer and gradually add the content inside the blender, to form a kind of mango frappe. Remember that if you have a not very powerful blender, you should try to gradually liquefy the frozen mango. You can also add a quarter cup of water, only if you see that it is necessary.

You can also take another mango, peel and cut it in the same way you did the first time, in order to build your exquisite dessert. For this you must add in a deep glass a little frappe, then cut fruit, and once again the frappe to finish with the mango in pieces.

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