Chef's secret: How to perfectly cut onion into rings without crying and in only 2 minutes

Onions are a classic in our kitchen because they allow us to prepare countless delicious meals. Learn how to cut it easy and fast

Onions are undoubtedly the ideal food to prepare some iconic dishes and famous salads, so today we will teach you how to cut onions into rings without crying


To cut the onions into rings you will need

1 onion

1 kitchen board

1 knife


1- Remove all the onion peel and wash them very well

2- Then place the onion on the table and with the help of a knife cut it, we suggest that each ring be one centimeter wide

3- When you have chopped the onion you must remove the rings from it very carefully

4- Add the rings in a bowl and voila!

Onion rings

If you want you can prepare the famous and delicious onion rings breaded with flour and egg.

Note: This procedure can also be used with purple onions

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