Chris Hemsworth shows us how a god trains

Chris Hemsworth shows us how a god trains

Chris Hemsworth shows us that like a good wine, it gets better over the years. This Australian trains like a god. Thor continues like this, please!

No one doubts that the Australian Chris Hemsworth is at his best moment.

Blue eyes, perfect blond hair, and a figure of envy make this 36-year-old actor one of the best-valued gallants in Hollywood.

But how does he achieve this angelic figure? Well, it's not easy at all.

In a recent video on Instagram, this little angel with sky-colored eyes that embodied the mythical Thor in eight Marvel films shows us that beauty has a price, and costs hours of the toughest training.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, now more than 38 million followers in this social media can enjoy this beautiful example, which, like a good wine, only gets better over the years.

Thanks Chris, for looking so good every day!

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