Clean your stomach with these 5 natural remedies

Poor digestion can be a consequence of poor diet. Foods with many condiments or chemical additives can cause stomach upset. See here how you can cleanse your stomach with these 100% natural remedies.

If you have days with a slightly heavy stomach, and even with acidity, this may be because you are eating foods that contain a lot of fat, chemical additives or are too spicy.

Remember that the ideal is to have a balanced diet that does not harm the digestive system and that provides us with the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber and proteins that our body requires.

Clean your stomach with these 5 natural remedies

But if the evil is already done, look at these 5 natural remedies that can help you to rebuild your stomach.

Linseed water. Flaxseed is highly recommended to regulate intestinal transit. It is a source of fiber and omega 3. Place a tablespoon of flaxseed in a glass of water and let it sit overnight. Then strain and take a few spoons every day.

Warm water with lemon. Lemon helps regulate intestinal acids thanks to its alkaline properties. You can drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon every morning before breakfast.

Clean your stomach with these 5 natural remedies

Oregano tea. Oregano is super effective in helping stomach heaviness. Make a tablespoon of oregano powder in a cup of boiling water. Let it rest for about 10 minutes, until the water is warm and drink this infusion every night before sleeping for a week.

Chamomile or chamomile. You can drink one or more cups of chamomile tea every day to regulate intestinal transit and cleanse the stomach. IF you want, combine it with a little dandelion.

Clean your stomach with these 5 natural remedies

Onion and celery broth. To do this you will need about 3 medium onions, a celery stick, about two liters of water, a pinch of salt and 1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil. Wash and cut the vegetables and add them in a saucepan along with the other ingredients until it boils. Cook for about 10 minutes and then strain. You can take it warm or cold every day before sleeping. It will help you reduce and control that heartburn and stomach pain.