Clothes off: Billie Eilish causes great commotion in the networks with her new video

The American dared more and look how her followers reacted.

Billie Eilish is one of the most successful songwriters and singers. In a relatively short time, he has managed to gain the respect and admiration of his fans thanks to his characteristic sporty and comfortable look. This girl is quite different from the others , and since she was introduced for the first time, she has attracted the attention of many fans.

However, just as there are those who admire her look, there are those who criticized her for the way she dresses so “unfeminine”. This served as an inspiration to Billie to respond to all those haters who have criticized her so much during her career.

"Not my responsibility" is an audiovisual where Billie Eilish replies directly to those messages of hate and harassment that she receives daily just for her way of dressing and personality.

A few days after the video was released on YouTube, the video reached more than 17 million views and this young girl of just 18 years of age achieved a record of followers.

In fact, many of her followers have felt more identified than ever with her music. Most of the comments are from young people who unfortunately have gone through a situation similar to that of Billie, and have stated that after hearing the message they have felt more self-confident.

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