Compromising: Donald Trump's niece will publish a book with "heartbreaking" data

The controversial president of the United States, Donald Trump, adds new cases against him. This time, a book from his niece Mary, who will give "heartbreaking" details. Check out this shocking new story around the President of the White House.

As reported by The Daily Beast website, a niece of President Donald Trump will polish a book this summer with "heartbreaking and lustful" stories about the US president.

Mary Trump, daughter of the President's older brother, Fred Trump Jr., will launch her book "Too Much and Never Enough" on August 11, days before the Republican Party celebrates its annual convention.

Family of the Head of State Donald Trump.

Citing unidentified sources, The Daily Beast indicated that the book will narrate how Mary Trump provided tax documents to The New York Times, according to which the president obtained tax exemptions equivalent to current $ 413 million  during the 90s, thanks to the business emporium of his father Fred Trump Sr.

Meanwhile, the New York Times declined to comment on Mary Trump's role in producing those Pulitzer Prize-winning reports. The controversy surrounding Donald Trump continues to widen.

Donald Trump.

The report added that Simon & Schuster publisher will publish the book, which will include Mary Trump conversations with Maryanne Trump Barry, a sister of the president who is a retired federal judge.

"My aunt and uncles should be ashamed," Mary Trump told The Daily News in 2000. "I'm sure they don't feel it," she said. At that time, Donald Trump's niece initiated a lawsuit to appeal the terms of the inheritance left in 1999 by her grandfather, Fred Trump Sr, estimated to range between $ 100 and $ 300 million.

Donald Trump and his wife, Melania.

Since his arrival at the White House, Trump has faced the publication of several critical books on his government, such as "Fear" (Fear in Spanish) by Bob Woodward and "Fire and Fury" (or in Spanish, Fuego y Furia ) by Michael Wolff.

Likewise, the publication of books against him would continue with John Bolton, former adviser to Trump on national security issues, who plans to give birth to "The Room Where It Happened", where he recounts the 453 days during which he served in that position. Since 2017, Trump continues to add scandals to his mandate.

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