Controversial: Famous singer Bruce Springsteen lashes out at President Trump

Controversial: Famous singer Bruce Springsteen lashes out at President Trump

From his radio space "From My Home to Yours", the rock star had his share of toughness against the leaders of the nation saying "I'm just angry."

Bruce Springsteen has spoken, and he did so forcefully through his radio program "From My Home to Yours", a space in which the rock legend released his share of truth with the events related to the global health crisis.

Bruce Springsteen lashes out at President Trump

Springsteen kept nothing. He noted that there is a lack of interest in the lives of Americans who die as a result of the actions of the high government.

"With more than 100,000 Americans dying in recent months and the empty and embarrassed response from our leaders, I am simply angry ... Those lives deserve better than just being awkward statistics for our president's reelection efforts. It is a national disgrace ".

The widespread annoyance in the country makes celebrities who share the same discontent explicitly talk about what they observe every day in the nation.

"I am going to start by sending one (message) to the man sitting behind the desk (...) With all due respect, sir, show some consideration for your compatriots and your country. Put on an f-king mask," said Springsteen .

President Trump has a habit of not using the face mask, an action that causes discomfort among many people in the North American nation and has even explained the reason why he dispenses with this health measure.

"I didn't want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it," Trump said after a visit to a Ford factory in May.

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