Controversy: Karol G uses his dog for a racist comment and netizens did not forgive her

Usually, Anuel is the one who turns on social networks for her controversial comments, but this time it was the Colombian beloved who "made a mistake" and was widely criticized by her followers.

The popular singer of "Tusa", Karol G, sparked controversy after posting on her social networks a comment in which she used her dog, a small bulldog with black and white spots, as a sign of the harmonization between human "races".

A few days ago, the famous reggaetonera commented on her official Twitter account: "The perfect example that black and white together look beautiful," using the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

The Post that Karol G deleted

A few minutes after the publication, a lot of criticism fell on Karol, and although she quickly deleted her tweet, the damage was already done. Some defended her with the argument that "intention is what counts."

However, the majority continued to draw strong criticism, created memes and even went so far as to insult her: "Saying 'there are no races' destroys the historical efforts that minorities have faced because of racism," commented one very angry user.

"Humility ?, That woman is racist," said another Internet user to express his discontent. In the face of all this collective anger, Karol published another tweet apologizing and admitting his mistake, clarifying that his intention was to support the current protests aimed at ending racism.

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