Cooking trick: See how to tenderize meat quickly

Meat is undoubtedly one of the most eaten foods in the world.

Meat is essential in our lunches. Here we will teach you how to cook it tender without using the pressure cooker.


Tenderizing meats with baking soda is a reality. The most surprising thing is that very few people are aware of this valuable and useful information.

To use this resource, all you have to do is sprinkle the bicarbonate on the meat, without leaving empty spaces. Then let the piece of meat rest for 3 hours and that's it.


Another option is to mix the baking soda together with the meat. After this, we suggest that you take them to the fridge or refrigerator for approximately 2 hours and that's it.

As a last option, we suggest adding sugar to your meats as it helps soften, especially if we cook the piece of meat together with the sugar in the oven.

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