Covid-19 outbreak in countries that achieved virus control in the first months

As humanity waits for the Covid-19 vaccine, cases of new waves of the virus outbreak cease to be a fear and become a reality.

Australia, Japan and Israel are three nations that have something in common. They managed to control the virus in a short time and thus made the radicalization of the quarantine more flexible.

The rebound of the virus in Israel recorded a maximum number of 2,000 positive cases in one day

However, recently the three countries are victims of an increase in positive cases that alert the authorities.

In the case of Australia, the country opened the economy in July, however, thanks to the relaxation of isolation measures, the young population is now the focus of contagion, motivated by a return to normality in bars and social places. .

In the case of Japan, on May 25 the Prime Minister of Japan stated: "We managed to finish the outbreak in about a month and a half in the Japanese style".

However, last week the city of Tokyo registered 360 confirmed cases in a single day and with this, the return to the confinement measures was established again.

In Israel, the picture is no different, with a confirmed contagion rate of around 2,000 per day, which led to the parliament granting it some extra powers to take immediate action and measures without the approval of a legislative committee.

The truth of the matter is that the virus remains active and as long as there is a vaccine and a cure, people must keep the minimum distance measures without the need for a government to impose them, it is a matter of conscience not of obedience.

With information from the BBC.