Daddy Yankee is found doing this to his lover, "The wife wants to ask him for a divorce"

Daddy Yankee is in trouble after this video was leaked.

Daddy Yankee is one of the creators of the urban music genre for which he became one of the world's best-known singers. Throughout so many years of successful career, Daddy has earned the respect and admiration of many.

With sacrifice and dedication, the Big Boss has gradually managed to fly high until he reaches what he is today. However, not everything was always successful for him. Yankee had to figure out what his fans wanted to hear and he did that by trying different rhythms and lyrics on his songs.

Daddy Yankee

In the following video you can see the Puerto Rican singer lifting the skirt of one of the dancers of his song "I know that you like it" What will his wife have said to him after watching it?

This is one of the first Daddy videos which was published in 2001, and perhaps it is one of the most depraved songs of the interpreter of "Dura". In its day, it was a great success, and even today many prefer this type of old-school reggaeton.

In most of the video comments many of his fans affirmed that Daddy has not changed anything, even many joke with his age, because they affirm that the Big Boss is the chalice of youth.

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