Danger: Eating canned food can kill you. Learn why

Canned foods are one of the most common foods in the world. But did you know that its inner lining has a compound considered to be highly toxic?

Canned foods are practical and keep food for a long time, so many people often choose them and thus store food for long periods.

But, new scientific studies have shown that the cans' inner lining, which contains a chemical called bisphenol A, is highly toxic and could cause serious health problems, and even death.

Canned foods

Canada was the first country to declare bisphenol A toxic, and later the European Union, which banned its use in the manufacture of baby bottles.

"High levels of bisphenol A in your body can cause you to have diabetes, obesity, hormonal changes, fertility and obesity",says the Global Online report.

The other big problem is that canned foods have other chemicals that are considered carcinogenic.

"The cans, in addition, contain carcinogenic products such as formaldehyde. Another of the big problems that canned foods have is the way to do it and the sanitary precautions that this process requires. Toxic contaminations can appear, such as butolinic toxin", add the portal.

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