Danna Paola accused of "abusing" photoshop

Danna Paola accused of "abusing" photoshop

Danna Paola is still the center of attention: first, for her relationship with Sebastián Yatra and now, for an alleged abuse of photoshop in her images. This happens after certain photos of the Mexican actress went viral on the Internet that would show considerable "weight gain".

Danna Paola is one of the most popular Mexican singers in the adolescent and youth audience. On her Instagram, she has more than 26 million followers, who are passionate about her talent also as an actress.

However, in recent weeks it has become the focus of attention due to several scandals. The main one was the single that he released with Sebastián Yatra, "No bailes sola", in the midst of the Colombian's break with the Argentine Tini Stoessel. Danna Paola was placed as the "third in discord".

Danna Paola was linked to Yatra, but both celebrities denied it.

When everything seemed to calm down after the official statements of the three celebrities. Now the Mexican returns to the eye of the storm for some photos viralized on social networks. While her followers support and defend her to the death, others seem to be angry.

Recently, a series of photographs came to light showing the artist during a vacation in Quintana Roo. In the image collection, Danna Paola can be seen enjoying her circle of friends and family, and modeling a beautiful 80s-style swimsuit.

Danna Paola on her Instagram.

This is the photo that Danna Paola posted on her official Intstagram account. However, what caught the attention of her fans was the new series of images viralized on the Internet, where none has photoshop and it can be denoted that the singer is "gaining weight".

Danna Paola, tricked or true photos?

While the haters alluded that Danna Paola is doing "abuse" of photoshop on their social networks, fans of the famous did not hesitate to start defending her and emphasized that the postcards of the singer were the product of a photomontage.

According to some of his followers, in the alleged snapshots of the singer her tattoos do not appear, so the possibility that she appears in these images would be completely ruled out.

Was Danna Paola the victim of a photomontage?

Danna Paola has not made any clarification regarding these alleged images of hers.

Danna Paola on her vacation in Quintana Roo.

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