Danna Paola is dating someone, is it Sebastián Yatra?

After being implicated as the alleged cause of the split between Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel, due to her musical collaboration with the Colombian in "Do not dance alone", finally Danna Paola spoke about her love life and confirmed that she is dating.

After the separation of Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel, the rumor began that the Mexican Danna Paola would have been the "third in discord", since she and the Colombian siger  make and released the single "No bailes sola".

The new song has as its theme a love triangle. From this, the media and social networks have not stopped talking about the three celebrities, who flatly denied everything.

While Yatra affirmed that Danna Paola is just a friend, Tini assured that the geographical distance was the cause of the rupture between her and the Colombian singer.

Danna Paola: third in disagreement between Yatra and Tini?

In the last hours, the interpreter of "Oye Pablo" decided to go deeper into the matter and even confessed aspects of her private life that no one ever thought she heard until today. Tired by the rumors, during an interview for Grupo Fórmula on the program of the journalist Javier Poza, Danna Paola showed her annoyance.

"I always laugh at this because I have a very bad reputation, for something my song says it. They always involve me with every person I work with and I think you have to have a lot of respect because you never know what's behind, what you can point out someone and you don't know everything the artist may be going through in his personal life "

Danna Paola highlighted her annoyance about the dating rumors with Sebastián Yatra.

Danna pointed out that she is very reserved with her private life. Still, to silence the different speculations that link her to Sebastián Yatra, she decided to make a confession that left everyone speechless.

I am super reserved with my personal relationships (...) it is something super private, it is something that remains for me, it is super valuable. I have a lot of respect for artists in general and for the whole industry that does their public relations (...) I'm dating someone and ... let's see, it's not Sebastián.

Danna Paola is dating, but she did not give names

Danna Paola, 25, did not give names and therefore, the viewers and her more than 23 million followers on Instagram, surprised with the response of the Mexican, expected more details about their current romance.

Continuing with the line of the interview, she stated that the only relationship she maintains with Sebastián is the labor and artistic one: “There is a relationship of work, of respect (with Yatra). I think it's not cool that if you're dating someone these sayings are on the outside. We have already tried to explain it 20 thousand times ”.