Danna Paola's birthday: A veteran artist of just 25 years

Danna Paola has a long career of almost two decades, as she made her artistic debut at 4 years old.

This week the Mexican Danna Paola turned 25 years old in a transition stage of her already long artistic career of two decades, which will soon transcend to a more mature phase after having played youth roles in multiple productions.

Danna Paola's career received a very important boost with her role in the Spanish Netflix series Elite, a role that has a meaning that goes beyond the artistic plane and that deeply touched her life personally.

The Aztec always highlighted her love for Lucrecia Montesinos, her character in Elite, who in addition to catapulting her to fame made him a better person.

"I would slap Danna Paola from before to mature, to have more confidence in myself," she said in an interview in which she valued her role in the series.

Danna Paola has a long career of two decades, since her first foray into the artistic world was made at the age of 4 in the Mexican version of the children's television program Sesame Square.

Her talent for music was appreciated by the firm Universal, hired her in 2001 after her role as a star in the children's soap opera María Belén.

Thereafter, her career led her to star in several children's dramas and numerous appearances in soap operas. Over the years, she became a star in series and dramatic Aztec youth, some of which enjoyed popularity in Spanish-speaking countries.

Her consecration in acting was for her role in Elite, after which she made her successful return to music. At her young age Danna Paola is already an experienced actress, singer, model and songwriter, who will soon take on other challenges in acting and music.