Dark: 'Hannah' (Maja Schöne), Netflix's most hated character who achieved success

Netflix's original series Dark has achieved overwhelming success since its first season began. It started with the disappearance of some children located in a distant and mysterious town and ended with an unexpected change in time. And from the first chapter something was wrong with Hannan Kahnwald.

Despite the fact that this third season of Dark is the last of the series. Despite its short broadcast, Dark has positioned itself as perhaps the best series in history, it was able to surprise us and leave us all speechless thanks to its original and unexpected plot.

Many of the fans were forced to repeat the story again because of how confusing the series can be if it is not given the necessary attention, while others have followed it cautiously and assured that although they all did not have a “Happy ending”, those who finished well had it well deserved.

Some of the fans of the series assured that it was not fair that Hannan Kahnwald was still alive. However, although in the series we were able to detest her character, she is actually a very important piece in the world of Adam and Eva.

It all starts when Hannah Kahnwald is a teenager who becomes obsessed with one of the school's students, Ulrich Nielsen, however, it is impossible for Ulrich to fall in love with Hannah in the '80s, since by then she was much younger than he and Ulrich were already struck by Katharina.

Since then Hannah has done everything possible to win the heart of her beloved Ulrich, she even went so far as to unfairly accuse him of having sexually assaulted his girlfriend Katharina.

In 2019, months after Hannah's husband committed suicide, we could see that she and Ulrich Nielsen were lovers. After Ulrich's youngest son mysteriously disappeared, he wanted to cut off the extramarital affair but instead she was enraged and blackmailed the current nuclear plant manager to sink Ulrich with the police.

In addition to all this, Hannah was not enough and traveled to the past where she found Ulrich imprisoned. She was able to speak to him, but when he asked about his wife and children, Hannah was once again enraged with him and decided to leave him there, which is why they spent over 30 years paying an unfair sentence.