Delight your palate, learn how to make this coffee gelatin with cream cheese

Surprise your family and friends with an easy and practical recipe that combines the intense coffee and the softness of cream cheese.

If you are a coffee lover and want a novel recipe, coffee gelatin with cream cheese will be your best option. It is a dessert that does not need an oven, and is made very quickly. Also, this combination of flavors make it the perfect to share with the family.

Coffee gelatin with cream cheese


For the cheese jelly

For the coffee jelly

To decorate

To make the cheese jelly, the first thing you must do is put the milk, cream cheese, condensed milk and hydrated gelatin in the blender. Then beat until smooth. Carefully pour into a mold and let cool for 20 minutes in the refrigerator.

Coffee gelatin with cream cheese

Subsequently, the coffee jelly is made. To do this, heat the milk, and when it boils, add the coffee and stir until dissolved. Then add the gelatin and with a whisk mix until diluted. Let it cool and pour over the cheese gelatin, then refrigerate for three hours, until set.

Once ready, take the gelatin out of the mold and decorate it. Pour chocolate threads and condensed milk on the surface of the preparation, and that's it.

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