Deluxe! La Roca produces new wrestling series for HBO. Unmissable!

Being a former WWE participant, "The Rock" has plenty of material to produce this new series.

By  Right Now Newsroom

This project, which is spearheaded in the production Dwayne Johnson "The Rock", has its focal point in young Cassius Jones, who uses his grandfather's life insurance money to build and develop, in the backyard of his house, a wrestling empire.

His family and friends will join the project to support Jones who seeks to promote his passion and his parallel profession and thus emerge in the company of his own.

In addition to Johnson, the series will feature the production of Johnson's ex-wife Dany Garcia and actress Issa Rae.

The Showrunner of the series will be Judah Miller who will surely have a lot of work, since the experience of "The Rock" is a turning point to materialize this project.

Let's remember that in addition to his experience as a fighter, Johnson has a leading project and a producer in the film "Fighting in Family", so the theme and the production of this theme will be very familiar to him.

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