Dessert of the Gods: Make a biscuit cake with coffee, without turning on the oven

Do not miss the opportunity to delight your palate with an exquisite biscuit cake with coffee, which is made quite simply and quickly. So don't think about it too much and let's start with the recipe at once.

This recipe for biscuit cake with coffee will end up delighting both your palate and that of your loved ones. Do you want to start? Do not lose more time.

Biscuit cake with coffee



How to make it:

Start by removing the filling from the cookies with the help of a spoon or a knife. Then mix two tablespoons with half a cup of milk, and when finished proceed to pour a cup of coffee in a pot over medium heat along with the remaining half of milk and the mixture that we have prepared with cornstarch.

Biscuit cake with coffee

The next step is to add ¼ cup of sugar and vanilla to taste. Once you're done, start stirring until the mixture is consistent. When you notice that it is about to boil, add the filling of the cookies without stirring. Note: If you perceive that the mixture is very liquid, add ½ cup of water with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch.

Biscuit cake with coffee

Once you have achieved a fairly thick consistency, then you must turn off the fire and start assembling the mold. For this, look for the mold of your preference and add a little of the kitchen film bag.

On top of this you should start adding a tablespoon of the hot coffee mixture, and then the cookies to form a base. Alternate both ingredients until you reach the top of the mold, at the end take this dessert to refrigerate for about 6 hours or until the next day.

After the time, you can start decorating your cake. For this, start by scratching your semi-bitter chocolate, then add ground cinnamon powder and at the end add as best you like the cherries. Bon appetit!

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