Did you know that Ariana Grande's little pig almost won at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards?

That's right: famous singer Ariana Grande's little pig may have been the cutest mascot chosen by fans at a renowned event last year. Did you already know her? He even sleeps with her!

By  Right Now Newsroom

The iHeartRadio Music Awards have a very special category: the one that rewards the most beautiful pet in music.

Being the public in charge of voting the winner, in 2019 the nominees were: Piggy, the pig of Ariana Grande; Asia, Lady Gaga's dog; Edgar Boogie, Brett Eldredge's canine companion; Goodwin, the Shih Tzu by Sabrina Carpenter; Gracie, Lauren Jauregui's French bulldog; Hatchi, the pomeranian of Perrie Edwards and Mooshu, the golden retriever of Alex Pall (The Cahinsmokers).

Lauren Jauregui's partner was the one who took the victory.

Finally, Gracie, the little French bulldog of the renowned singer Lauren Jauregui, was the one who took the award, after a close vote by the public.

The criticism was not long in coming, especially from fans of the American Ariana Grande, who fought to see Piggy, her mini pig, win. He has his own Instagram account with 440,000 followers. Isn't it precious?

The pig came into the family when Ariana was still in a love relationship with her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson. The boy became so fond of him that his face is tattooed on one side. OMG!

Ariana Grande has several pets (or friends) in her house that, currently, being locked up at home, serve as great company.

In the past few hours, he shared some of the best photos of them, including Piggy. Is it a new song when shown in front of the microphone?


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