Did you know that eating little instead of losing weight makes you fat? Find out why here!

Eating in excess or skipping meals can have serious health consequences, for this reason we tell you in this short article how you should eat to avoid gaining weight

By  Right Now Newsroom

To exemplify the effects of an uncontrolled diet, we quote the words of Dr. María del Socorro Santiago Sánchez, expert in nutrition at the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

Eating little instead of losing weight makes you fat

The doctor points out that skipping meals, or eating excessive amounts of poorly nutritious food can result in diseases such as: hypertension, malnutrition, diabetes, in addition to affecting the regeneration of muscle tissue and promoting the loss of bone mass.

The doctor points out: "This is because the body uses the glucose reserve it has for the organs to work, so more fat cells are produced and, therefore, adipose tissue is formed."

In conclusion, if you eat little or do not eat an hour, your body releases insulin in an uncontrolled way to transform food into glucose, and thus obtain the necessary energy. In the absence of food this substance increases, which increases the possibility of diseases such as diabetes, for this and other reasons it is essential to eat on time and in a balanced way.

As indicated by the IMSS doctor, the proper way to eat is to eat three servings of protein, five fruit and seven vegetables daily and the minimum amounts of fat possible, these habits will help your body to function to its full potential, in addition to providing proper digestion.

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